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Staying Cool Under Pressure:  Let Neuroscience Show You How!

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No one ever made it to the Olympics without a coach, and neither should corporate leaders.  Then why is coaching often considered a luxury when the goal is to win in the marketplace?  Dr. Elizabeth Fried unravels this mystery during her keynote presentation Staying Cool Under Pressure:  Let Neuroscience Show You How! She models an executive coaching technique that leaders can apply back on the job with their teams.  Then she connects the dots between coaching and neuroscience research with thought-provoking and often counter-intuitive concepts such as:   

1.   Your brain has a “mind of its own”—which isn’t always in your best interest 
2.   Why giving advice is almost always wrong 
3.   How multi-tasking can lead to decreased productivity 
4.   How to decrease defensiveness when offering feedback 
5.   Why providing helpful answers can demotivate others 
6.   Why helping employees become better thinkers leads to optimal performance 
7.   And more… 

After recently viewing Dr. Fried’s presentation, Joe Zerboni,owner and Team Leader of San Diego based ExecTeam, said,  “Many executives were eager to find ways to remain calm and cope more effectively in this volatile business environment.  Dr. Fried showed us that by understanding how our brain works, we harness its positive power and avoid submitting to its negative power.  It's now been several months since she visited with us, and the group still continues to talk about how her presentation impacted them.” 

A 2010 study entitled “High Impact Learning Culture,” by Bersin and Associates, found that companies report a 100 per cent to 500 per cent return on their investment from executive coaching.  This is based on factors such as executive output, quality improvements, cost savings and senior leader turnover. An earlier 2008 study of 472 firms, conducted by Drake Beam and Morin and the nonprofit thinktank, Human Capital Institute, found similar results. 

Elizabeth, was named for the third time among the top 15 most influential executive coaches in the world by Coaching Gurus.net in 2012 and relocated her corporate offices from Dublin, Ohio to Carlsbad, California (San Diego County), in 2002.  She coaches executives and managers on improving leadership and business skills using the concepts derived from current brain research. She also maintains a team of over two dozen expert coaches nationwide to offer clients choices for their management and executive development programs.   Her executive coaching firm, My Executive Coach,  provides a variety of coaching options which we encourage you to review.

"I originally hired Dr. Elizabeth Fried's firm to provide executive coaching for my leadership team. My experience was stellar. Dr. Fried provided coaching in a supportive, non-judgmental, and totally confidential atmosphere,” states Robert Westfall, president of Solatube International, a premier daylighting company located in Vista, California.  “She makes you look at the real you and holds you accountable for changes that you need to make. For many leaders, there are few who you can trust to ‘tell you like it is’ and help you improve. She is one of them. Not only is she an expert in executive coaching, she defines the qualities I really want in my inner circle: honesty, trustworthiness and help."

The parent company, N.E. Fried and Associates, Inc., founded in 1983, is a human resources consulting firm specializing in executive development. It maintains two divisions:  The Learning Engine and My Executive Coach. You can contact Dr. Fried at 760-598.8888 between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time or by
Email to discuss your executive coaching needs.

You have several options. If you visit me in person, I provide a relaxing, comfortable place for us to meet and discuss your needs.  If we meet by phone or by Skype, I'll be talking to you from my office.   Whichever you choose, I promise that you will receive my full attention and the focus will always be on you.

Give me a call at 760-598.8888 to set up an appointment for a complimentary half hour conversation. Alternatively you can email us by clicking on the yellow quick connect button in the green box on our main website to complete a form and discuss your needs.  I'll be in touch by email to set up an appointment.


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What others are saying:

Please click here to be redirected to our main site at MyExecutive Coach.  There you will get to view all testimonials and a series of videos.

"Having booked Dr. Fried before several years ago for our South Florida conference, it came as no surprise that she was one of our more memorable keynote speakers and an incredible hit  at our 2nd Annual HR Conference at Sea.  Her amazing one-on-one coaching session with an audience volunteer, provided us with keen insight into the process of executive coaching. By using expert questioning techniques, she was able to get the volunteer to open up about her challenges, come up with various alternatives to make changes, analyze and discuss the alternatives, and select the best solution.  And she did this without ever making a suggestion! I very comfortably recommend Dr. Fried as one of the best presenters I have seen."

–Roy A. Lantz, CCP,  SPHR, Executive Vice President,  American Recruiters

"Elizabeth is without a doubt one of America's finest and top executive coaches. She has skill sets that are profound and insightful. She has the ability to cut to the heart of any business matter quickly and recommends powerful solutions that are direct and to the point. If you are an Executive looking at improving your own skill sets or the skill sets of your Executive team you will find in Elizabeth a coach that possess all the skill sets you need to bring you and your team to the next level. Even more importantly when Elizabeth doesn't know something, which she will be completely honest about it and refer you to someone who does know. She is the ultimate networker. As a result, she brings additional value to your business that you would never expect but will greatly appreciate. Elizabeth therefore has my very highest recommendation as a gifted coach and mentor to all she comes in contact with."

–Dennis Conforto, Chairman & CEO, National HouseCheck

"Elizabeth is a great executive coach, trainer, performance management consultant and speaker. I have known Elizabeth for over20 years. She is a person of unusual intelligence, creativity, warmth, generosity, and honesty. I have the utmost respect for her as a professional and as a human being."

Mae Lon Ding, President,  Personnel Systems Associates

"Elizabeth Fried is a bottom line, get it done expert coach who will help you reach your full potential. Her state-of-the-art tools and models, coupled with her exclusive intellectual property and instincts, insure the success of the individuals and organizations with whom she work."

Lauren White, Principal, Visio Consulting


 FAQ: What is executive coaching?   Watch a video where Dr. Fried gives you a simple explanation in under 1 minute.

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